The team’s goal is to design an electric single-seater to compete in 2024 in the Formula Student.

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What is Formula Student?

Formula Student is a competition where university students from all over the world compete in the design, development, construction and driving of a single-seater vehicle, combining engineering and business aspects.


Originally from the United States, Formula Student or Formula SAE has spread worldwide, creating competitions in countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Australia and Italy, among many others.


The competition is governed by strict regulations that seek to emulate the conditions of a professional competition, in which, in addition, efficient management of available resources will be especially required.

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Formula Student is an international competition in which teams of students design, build and compete with a single-seater racing car. The objective is to evaluate not only the performance of the vehicle on the track, but also its economic viability and design.

Our team was founded in 2022 out of quarantine, with the vision of providing students with the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical and highly challenging environment.

The team is made up of passionate students from various disciplines, including mechanical engineering, electronics, industrial organization, computer science, business administration, marketing, physiotherapy, etc.

Each member plays a crucial role in the design, construction and testing of the car.

We funded our project through a combination of fundraising events and corporate sponsorships. If you are interested in sponsoring our team, please contact us at:

Absolutely! We appreciate the diversity of skills and knowledge. The team is open to students from various disciplines, from business to computer science. There are roles for everyone.

You can stay informed by regularly visiting our website and following us on our social networks. We publish important news, events and updates.

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